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RE-USE Consulting - Say "No!" To The Track-hoe

RE-USE Consulting is trying to change the way we look at buildings scheduled to be remodeled or demolished.  RE-USE has clients from coast to coast, running reuse operations, demolishing buildings, or simply looking for alternatives to demolition.

UPDATE:  RE-USE Consulting's Non-Profit Net (NPN) is now accepting entries.  What is the NPN?

Non-profit organizations  (I helped run one for 11.5yrs so I am speaking from experience) usually don't have a lot of money to throw around on expensive building materials.  They often make due with what they have.  For example, non-profit schools seek furniture, cabinets, and supplies surplused out from public schools.  Also, many non-profits have a source of volunteer labor and hauling. 


RE-USE Consulting helps bring the demand together with the supply and also trys to work with the non-profit, taking advantage of any free labor or volunteers with trucks to keep costs down. 

To participate in the NPN, here is what you do:

1. ask around the office and come up with a 'wishlist', or a list of what furniture, appliance, building materials, etc that you need.

2. assign deadlines to these items (For example:

#7  -  Basketball hoops  - deadline by March 2nd, 2006)

3. Email us the list (we will have an online form in the near future)

4. Keep an eye on the site, but we will contact you with likely matches to the items on your list




RE-USE doesn't have a retail store, but has a ton (actually about 500 tons) of used building materials for sale at sites around the Northwest.


RE-USE Consulting provides a variety of services.

They include: (See our brochure pg 1)+(pg2)


          - Consulting work for reuse operations.


          - Workshops/training sessions on deconstruction  .           and building material reuse


          - Consulting work for building owners and architects   .          hoping to learn more about their own building,

             looking for an alternative to demolition


          - Brokering services for demolition/construction companies that have building

             materials for sale


          - Material appraisal - fulfilling IRS requirements for tax donations over $5000.00


          - Deconstruction on-site and classroom trainings


          - Plant and landscaping material salvage and sales


Don't forget to check out the materials we have available today.




          - The Wish list is for buyers who need help locating material


          - Wishlist entries will be reviewed as new materials become available


          - Being listed does not guarantee being contacted with material


          - Sign up for the wish list by going to the contact us page and entering your






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