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Picture: Dave Bennink of RE-USE with the 1892 bay window in N.Carolina

(12.5' high x 12' wide x 5' deep)


RE-USE Consulting has clients all over the USA.

  We travel to their locations and provide training and on-site assistance or help building owners find alternatives to demolition, often over the phone or internet.  Our Three-Day Decon national training program has been very successful.  We are on track to help our clients deconstruct between 60-75 structures this year, diverting 1.5-2 million pounds from the landfill this year alone.


Home owners/ Building owners-

Call us about your project so we can:


  •      assess your project and suggest strategies to promote reuse
  •      help you sell your materials or donate them to a non-profit
  •      work with your contractor to maximize reuse and recycling
  •      help you reuse your own materials or find other reusable building materials to buy
  •      convince you that deconstruction doesn't take too long + can cost LESS than demolition



Update: 12-6: Bowl at home with these 10-20' long bowling alley sections - heart pine and maple - widths about 3.5'

Architects: putting in an elevated walkway in a new home?  Check these out:

Update: 12-2: ABC'S Extreme Home Makeover from Kirkland, WA to air on Dec 16th!  Another RE-USE Consulting project.

Update: 11-24: 25 cabinet sets for sale+ vanity cabinets (cabinet pg)

Update: 11-20: RE-USE Consulting has helped our clients with over 100 structures so far this year!

Update: 11-17: Vinyl window stash - over 150 available - most all large sizes

5.5' w x 5' h sliders, 5.5'w x 5'h fixed, 6'w x 4'h slider, 3'w x 7'h sash style - contact us if interested

Update: 11-12: Cool project coming soon - as soon as the owner allows us to discuss it, we will tell you about one of the most interesting projects we have ever tackled.  What could it be, you'll never guess....

Update: 11-7: RE-USE is busy in the Northeast - we helped take down 5 structures in 2 weeks, including (2) 3-car garages, (2) 2000 sq ft structures, and (1) 3400 sq ft home (in two weeks?  that's crazy!)

Update: 10-18: RE-USE Consulting in The New York Times (click here)

Update: 10-17: Rochester, NY - 9,000 2x4 studs for sale $1.50 and up

Contact us for more details (we are still busy at the deconstruction site picking them up! 360-201-6977)



Update: For years we have been trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge, and now we are trying to sell the Mt. Si bridge - this time it's for real ! (buildings page)

Update 10-4-07: 

ABC's Extreme Home Makeover

RE-USE Consulting just finished helping run salvage operations at the current King County Extreme Home Makeover jobsite!  Ty Pennington, Paul DiMeo, and Paige Hemmis grabbed up some of RE-USE's tools and went to work, helping us save decking, fencing, and more!

Update 10-5: The Chapin family comes home.  See story #7

Update 10-4: The home is done! see story #6

Update 10-3: Rain, rain go away.  Our wonderful Washington rain delayed the Extreme Home Makeover project for only the third time in the T.V. shows history!  The new 'move that bus' time is set for 9:30 Thursday morning. 

Click here for more info- Extreme Makeover story #7

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Washington and Oregon UPDATES:

Update: Here is a good example of reuse in a green building project - check out the blog and pictures showing their progress. Click here to see the blog 


RE-USE has also heard of an upcoming green building class/fundraiser on Bainbridge Island. 

They will be hosting a three hour presentation on :


The Fundamentals of Designing and Building Sustainable Residential Environments. 


The price of the presentation is nominal in an effort to make it affordable for all and the proceeds of the registrations go to support the environmental education curriculum at Voyager Montessori Elementary School (the recipient of the 2007 Excellence in Education award from Kitsap Solid Waste). (Class pdf-click here)




RE-USE Consulting has completed its work for one of the 'greenest' projects around.  We consulted on the deconstruction of the existing buildings at the 'Going Green at the Beach' Built Green project for the Porter family. 

Check out their website at:


Update: We saved the Cider Press building - it was fully deconstructed, denailed, and hauled away - Caught on tape! (click here)

Update:Reclaimed wide plank fir flooring - Caught on tape! (click here)

Update: Deconstruction - Caught on tape! (click here)






How Do We Get All This Stuff Anyway??????

We Provide A Full Sustainable Alternative To Demolition

If You Have A Demolition Project or excess materials - Contact Us For More Info.  It Doesn't Matter Whether It Is A Small Shed Or A Large Warehouse




RE-USE Consulting is having more and more success in diverting building materials from the landfill.  Contact us if you have excess materials/ a demolition/remodeling project coming up or if you need materials for your project.    




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