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   Sustainable Alternatives to Demolition 
Building Deconstruction - Training/Consulting - Material Sales


Image: RE-USE Consulting came up with the term 'hybrid deconstruction', pairing people with machines to deconstruct much faster and safer and cheaper.

What are we all about???
1. RE-USE Consulting has clients all over North America.

2. Building deconstruction and reuse operation training: We work on-line or travel to you to provide training and on-site assistance.

3. Building owners: We help building owners find sustainable alternatives to demolition and often save them money over demolition.

4. We sell materials for you or to you  

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Services' page to find out more.....

Countdown to 500 : Get over it, were  NOW AT 800+ buildings deconstructed and 3500 total buildings worked on/visited!!!

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RE-USE NEWS: Top Stories:

We are loving it right now -
Our contracting arm, Deconstruction Services, LLC. has won 85% of its bids so far this year!

5-20-15 15,000 sq ft. pole barn
 deconstruction project:
We won the bid to deconstruct this 15,000 sq ft barn complex, diverting over 98% from the landfill!

Warehouse deconstruction:
1.5 million pounds to divert from the landfill...wanna help?!

3-20-15 Wagon saved from collapsed shed
We were asked to carefully deconstruct a shed in order to save a wagon trapped inside.  Mission accomplished.  Wagon sold.

2-20-15 Re-Use Consulting's owner
Dave Bennink takes a 2700 sq ft. home
down by himself.  Why?  We're not quite sure,
but apparently it helps him come up with new
techniques and shows what can be done.

1-30-15 Re-Use Consulting wins
at the Sustainability Leadership Awards
We won an award at the Sustainable Seattle annual awards dinner this year.  We won for the 2014 Creative Solution Category. 

12-08-14 Green-Collar Jobs
Teaching Sustainability to inner-city workers
We are back on the road helping train inner-city workers from areas with high-unemployment, workers trying to catch a break after being released from prison, and helping a non-profit create jobs for homeless people at their new reuse warehouse 

11-07-14 Road Trips!!
Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Austin, NYC, Syracuse, Buffalo, Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle
We are off on a series of 'American Pickers' style road trips, finding and saving hidden treasures from all over the Country.  What will we find next!  Wouldn't this be a great cable tv show?

10-10-14 David Bennink of Re-Use Consulting asked to speak at the ReuseConex Conference in Austin, TX Oct 23-25

Bennink will speak on the economics of the reuse industry and how we will be able to sustain it and grow it in the future.  Re-Use has helped over 100 reuse operations all over North America.   We train groups in building deconstruction, reuse operations, salvage of reclaimed building materials including reclaimed wood, salvaging plants, designing for deconstruction, and value-added workshops thus creating green-collar jobs.

9-29-14 Re-Use Client Spotlight:
Jerry Blassingame, Soteria
Check out this link to a great client of ours working to create jobs for the homeless under challenging conditions:

8-19-14 Historic Preservation

Can Re-Use Consulting help save this 1930s Sears and Roebuck kit barn?  Stay tuned!

7-20-14 Deconstructing in NW Washington State
We are saving materials left and right from dozens of structures in NW Washington State this year and helping supply the local reuse stores.  During this project, we salvaged and returned enough materials to the owner to offset the costs of our services!  That's $0.00 net cost.  Imagine demolishing a building and then going to the store and re-buying all those materials you just destroyed and threw away!

6 - 16 - 14
Update: Weeks later, and we are still salvaging things from the school! -
Re-Use Consulting has now helped over 40 other non-profit schools that needed parts of this school, but couldn't afford them new. 

Update: School sale- 17 structures on campus...our goal is to salvage and sell between 300,000 and 500,000 pounds of material while helping the school run a much needed fundraiser that will fetch tens of thousands of dollars...

Update:Our group is speaking at Greendrinks Milwaukee this month!
Update: Sometimes it's the small things - While fully deconstructing a house and garage on this site, we found out about a family in need.  We donated the insulation to them because they couldn't afford to buy it new (and they couldn't keep up with the heating bills).  Wish we had gotten it to them last Fall.

South Carolina Success

We traveled to South Carolina to help a non-profit start a building deconstruction and reuse warehouse in March.  The result was about 8 jobs created so far including 6 previously incarcerated individuals that are now working to get their lives back on track, 2 buildings deconstructed, and money already coming in from sales of salvaged materials!

Keeping busy in the snow -
We are working on an old barn in a foot of snow since other projects are on hold or haven't started yet.  Good old reclaimed building materials including peeled cedar poles, rusty metal roofing, and barn doors makes this a great find for our customers putting together rustic rooms or buildings.  Up next: Green-collar job creation in the South! 

What 99% landfill diversion looks like
1-31-14 Sustainable Leadership Awards
Re-Use Consulting was one of the runner-ups at the Sustainable Leadership Awards in Seattle, WA (Creative Solution Category)

Update on our Project of the Year - 2013
Our top 12 projects of 2013 were voted on by our Facebook fans and the Stanwood Memorial Barn project won!  They will receive the $200 prize money and put it towards finding a permanent memorial to honor teens that have died tragically in that area.  Other top projects included:

-Inner-city jobs for Milwaukee       -Detroit pro-bono consulting
-Helping homeless veterans find green-collar jobs 
-Idaho home on cliff    -Historic document preservation
-Seattle church deconstruction        -
1890's bell saved
Historic Barn Preservation Program     -1890's cabin  
-1950's neon sign preserved

Seattle - We had so many great projects in 2013, we are letting you decide which one wins the 'Decon Bowl'!  Join the fun and vote for your favorite projects on our
Facebook page.

Milwaukee - We are working to start a website for Wisconsin's growing deconstruction industry (to help support the creation of 100 inner-city green collar jobs)!
The website will accept requests for materials and match demand up with supply!
Stay tuned for more info on the launch of this new site...

Seattle and Western Washington Projects
We continue to support all of the reuse stores in Puget Sound region, sending materials to stores from Wenatchee to Pt. Angeles, Bellingham to Tacoma.  We would like to thank Isola Homes for efforts to promote deconstruction and reuse in 2013! (All sorts of material including this baptismal tub!)

Stanwood Memorial Barn Project
We were chosen to disassemble the Memorial Barn in Stanwood, WA so that sections of it can live on as a new memorial at another site!  Link:


Seattle Church being deconstructed including these 40 ft high arched trusses

8-20-13 Detroit: Re-Use is trying hard to help a group of homeless veterans set up a deconstruction business (with no funding)...stay tuned!

7-17-13 Wyoming - Loved this project
We helped deconstruct this building for the family of the original owners.  The parents built this as their dream home and when they passed on, the home fell into disrepair.  Their favorite place in the world was Yellowstone Park and we were able to see that the deconstructed materials were sent to Yellowstone to help build a new guest lodge there!

6-12-13: Saving the 1886 bell :)

5-24-13: We are helping local reuse operations throughout North America

4-14-14: Farm Salvage
We helped salvage over 1500 of these!

3-7-13: It's a dirty job, but everyone wants to do it
 Re-Use has helped people in 42 States and 4 Provinces, 'building up an industry that takes down buildings'

2-28-13: Blizzard Nemo hits our deconstruction jobsite with 40" of snow, after we removed the roof sheathing :)

1-31-13: Click here to read our 'Best of 2012' Letter:
1.7 MB

12-31-12: The Decon Woman Challenge:
Congrats To Sally Kamprath and Bobbi Blodgett for winning the Challenge.  They will both receive $200 from Re-Use Consulting
Sally's operation:
Bobbi's operation:

11-27-12 The Decon Woman Challenge:
RE-USE Consulting is offering a $200 first prize to the best story submitted about a woman working in the building deconstruction field. If you know of someone, please let us know or PASS THIS POST ON TO OTHERS. The stories will be shared via Facebook, so include a photo or two with a 500 or less word description about this woman and why she is a good example for others. Submit to Entries must be received by Dec 15th. Questions may be submitted to the same address. The prize will be announced on Dec 30th, 2012.

1-25-12 Big Projects Continue for Re-Use
The hospital we are bidding on has well over 300 sinks, 1500 cabinets, and more...did someone say green-collar job creation?

10-14-12 Big Win for Reuse
We just landed a deal for our client to salvage and deconstruct 550 buildings!!  That's a good day's work.  Here is an image of some of the materials they have already reclaimed and delivered to a high profile office remodel!  Oh, and that's another 12-24 people back to work, and most of those jobs were created in the inner-city!

9-20-12 When Re-Use Talks...
We are scheduled to speak at events
6 times in 6 weeks!  We are spreading the word about reuse, green-collar jobs, and win-win scenarios all over North America.

8-20-12 Man, I Love Manitoba

Deconstruction in a
Little Town on the Prairie

What a great crew.  I have no doubt they will go on to deconstruct many buildings in the future and will send those reusable materials to many worthy projects.

7-22-12 America's Largest Building Deconstruction Crew
2700+ volunteers/trainees came to New Orleans to learn about deconstruction and to lend a hand in removing blighted structures there.  We had a great time helping supervise them and keeping them safe (2700+ trainees and only 4 band-aids used). 

Key points were:
Decon =25 times more jobs than demo
Decon = 11-13 times less energy compared to decon than manufacture certain items new
Decon = A supply of vintage materials available
for historic renovation projects
Decon = A supply of materials available for
lower-income building owners

7-20-12 America's Largest Building Deconstruction Crew

RE-USE traveled to New Orleans to help train and educate over 2700 volunteers in building deconstruction.  Thanks to the ELCA for participating and CORE USA for hosting the event.

Workforce Development Training
is resulting in jobs!

 Our most recent training for unemployed workers has resulted in work for 5 of the 11 in the class!  Still working to get the rest back to work.

5-30-12 LUXE Magazine Article!
One of our deconstruction jobs made the cover of Luxe Magazine!  Great example of owner-reuse of their own reclaimed cedar and other materials!





















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