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   Sustainable Alternatives to Demolition 
Building Deconstruction - Training/Consulting - Material Sales


Image: RE-USE Consulting came up with the term 'hybrid deconstruction', pairing people with machines to deconstruct much faster and safer and cheaper.

What are we all about???
1. RE-USE Consulting has clients all over North America.

2. Building deconstruction and reuse operation training: We work on-line or travel to you to provide training and on-site assistance.

3. Building owners: We help building owners find sustainable alternatives to demolition and often save them money over demolition.

4. We sell materials for you or to you  

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Countdown to 500 : Get over it, were  NOW AT 800+ buildings deconstructed and 3500 total buildings worked on/visited!!!

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RE-USE NEWS: Top Stories:

7-01-15 to 1-01-16
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We are loving it right now -
Our contracting arm, Deconstruction Services, LLC. has won 85% of its bids so far this year!

5-20-15 15,000 sq ft. pole barn
 deconstruction project:
We won the bid to deconstruct this 15,000 sq ft barn complex, diverting over 98% from the landfill!





















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